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Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Remove Stains?

Yes!  Our Carpet Cleaning service is excellent at stain removal. We hand  treat everyday stains such as tea, coffee and wine and we use the latest  technology in stain removal products. We are experts on removal of rust  stains and pet stain removal.

When Can I Replace  My Furniture from the Room After  Carpet Cleaning?

Good News! With Dry carpet cleaning system, we clean only the carpet – the underlay is not soaked with water or cleaning product. Your clean carpet is ready to use in minutes not hours and it is not necessary to remove heavy furniture from the carpet. All furniture and furnishings can be left safely in place we only require you to pick up small items so that we can clean as much carpet as possible when we visit.


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No Wet Mess and No Waiting To Dry!
Traffic lines build up on a carpet at the doorway and in front of the sofa or armchairs. To remove this kind of soil on a carpet takes specialist equipment and professional cleaning products. Our carpet cleaning service is ideal for offices and clinics where carpets are very visible and reflect on the business image. Clean carpets are important for employees and clients and create an environment that is both professional and hygienic Commercial carpet cleaning today is easy and convenient, safe and fast and eco friendly. With a professional carpet cleaner your carpet can be consistently clean which creates a good atmosphere at home or in the workplace. Dirt on a carpet not only spoils the appearance, it also wears the fibres down much faster. Regular carpet cleaning ensures your carpet lasts much longer which is so much better than the expense of replacing your sofa or chairs. Your cleaned carpet is dry the same day and cleaning agents are strictly eco friendly and free of all toxins or hazardous components. Our carpet cleaning is affordable and convenient, by the end of the day, you will have a sparkling clean carpet. Contemporary methods of carpet cleaning are very sophisticated and ensure that there is no drying time or down time. Professional companies such as Deluxe dry Carpet cleaning remove any risk to carpet, dry car, home, or furnishings. Cleaning your carpets keeps the air in your home fresher, carpet is designed to capture tiny particles of dust and dirt and allergens that can trigger allergy attacks so it is important to have your carpets regularly cleaned for your health and the health of your family Modern carpet cleaning is no longer difficult and troublesome. Smaller quiet machines that work quickly and efficiently and trained technicians make cleaning your carpets easy and convenient Nowadays you don't need to move all your furniture to have your carpets cleaned - all that is required is to pick up the smaller pieces of furniture so that most of the carpet space is accessible .

You Can Entrust the Care and Cleaning of All Your Carpets to Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning
Our qualified and experienced rug professionals will take the very best care of your carpets whether they are natural fibre or synthetic or mixed. The dry process that we use for the cleaning is totally safe for babies, pets and expectant mums. We are a proud green cleaning company. Our carpet cleaning system does not waste precious water resources and we do not throw gallons of dirty chemical laden water into drains or ground water. We use a fraction of the water used in traditional wet carpet cleaning methods and we never use toxic or hazardous chemicals in any of our cleaning systems.

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